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As things get serious in business settings, Marketing Strategies are becoming boring and repetitive. Since marketing has existed for centuries, ideas became slow moving and are only recycled by some to produce another “new” strategy.

So how important is it for a marketer to produce fun and interesting strategies? It is very crucial. People want new ideas or advertisement coming from even the oldest existing products and companies. Though they may stick to your old school products, they would still expect you to give them new advertisements that would keep them interested in you.

Here are three important things you should be reminded of to help you formulate effective strategies that are far from being dull.


Always Be Surprising

Put yourself into your customer’s side, how their day was and how would they end the night; probably most of the days would be similar to yours. When your consumers are busy, having a tight schedule, and is almost exhausted as they get home, think of that scenario and ask yourself “how would I get their attention” or put it on your shoes “how would they get my attention”.

Since you won’t be able to get to them house-to-house, try the most convenient way; through email. Send them a message that would help them get through the day in the morning or something hopeful that would give them a positive view of tomorrow if you choose to send it before the day ends. It may be a quote card or a video link of something funny; of course, don’t forget to smoothly connect it to your product (don’t make it appear too pushy).

Your aim here is to make them feel comfortable and in the same way, give them a view that they’ll be at ease with your company. Keep your videos new and NEVER spam their inbox with the same old thing, surprise them with something new.

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Think Of The Person, Not Just The Product

Some marketers bury themselves to the fact that they are working for the product that’s why they need to make an effort to make it look good, and settle to that one fact. However, no matter how good the product would look like, if you lack the right ideas to get your target’s attention, everything would just put to waste.

If making a fun product seems so hard for you, then shift your idea of making people happy; that includes your clients. The usual scenario that marketers do is to show the people the company’s achievements, their latest innovation, or anything with regards to them. If this is starting to be dull, focus on your client. It doesn’t need to be a promotion or another advertisement for your latest award but instead something about them. Ask them how do they do or greet them if there’s a special occasion; this is a great way to create a great connection.

Send them postcards for Christmas, or a small treat to celebrate another year with them on your anniversary; make your target people part of every celebration. To make it even more effective, make your cards, messages, or giveaways special through giving them something modified; instead of naming them “valued client” why not make it more personal like “ Hi Johnson” or “To our Dearest Mitchelle”.

Give them the chance to prove to themselves that you are really a great company rather than annoying them with too many PowerPoint presentations that are too persuasive up to the irritating extent.

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 Make Yourself Interesting

Though it’s a business matter, you could appear less bossy or prim; you are selling it to people who might have a lot of commands to live by every day, and you really don’t want to add on that list. Take your advertisements on a personal level, create your marketing plan surrounded by facts that your clients go through every day.

This tactic is needed especially for those who are selling products that are by itself boring; like nails, software products, or tissue papers. Since you are dealing with a product that doesn’t exude much enthusiasm, you as a marketer need to find a way to put a limelight to it.

Be Humorous. Be Creative. Be Real – make your clients relate to your marketing strategy. Use scenarios or happenings that are usually experienced by your clients and how as a “boring” product could you help them or make them feel cool despite the situation.

These three ideas may seem simple, but when the thinking gets tough, you could look back to these three and remember the important things to consider in making a Marketing Plan.