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Love they say is for everybody, but there are people who don’t want to give it a shot because of their busy schedule. However, maybe Cupid has its way of uniting hearts; thanks to Speed Dating.


What is Speed Dating?

Speed Dating has made its way not only to those who are single but also to those who are in a relationship; it is widely known to everyone. It aims to help single people meet in faith, or to find love in an interesting way. People in different races, sizes, color, and characters are given the chance to meet different people with a given time.

It started as a Jewish tradition where a Rabbi and his wife arrange the participants, the modern speed dating however matched through scores from gathered information from the attendees. It is a convenient dating event for those who want to find life despite having a tight schedule.


How Does It Work?

There are already many companies who offer speed dating services, their rules may change depending on the company. The common venues for such event are bars, restaurants, rentable gardens, and even campuses. Attendees are asked to pre-register in order for the handler to ensure an even ration of partners.

Tables in the venue are arranged in a way that there would only be two participants per table. One side of all the tables are women and men occupies the other side where they would be the one to move from table to table. There would be background music as they talk to each other, a buzzer will then be pressed if the time is ended for the two, and it would be a continuous process until such all participants were given the chance to meet each other.

speed date

The duration allowed for each pair is dependent on the company’s rule; the usual time would be three minutes to 8 minutes. After the round-up has been done, the participants will return their date cards to organizers, they may be contacted through email or would be asked to log-on to the company’s website (if applicable) in order to see who would like to see them again.


Does It Work?

The answer here depends on you. There is nothing certain in speed dating. You are given the chance to meet different people who you may or may not like, it is a trial and error kind of event; you could find love or still go home with nothing.

You may have a specific type of person you want to meet in the event, but things may not go the same way as you imagined it to be, you might meet someone with a personality you thought you would never like, but then within just 3 minutes, you were swept off your feet with how amazing the person is.

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The experience is very interesting and thrilling, you might get pissed off, or you may even consider that night as the best one in your entire life. You could meet a friend, a suitor, or your future spouse; though your information is filtered before you registered, you might be amazed of the things that you would discover about yourself as you face different people with hopes of finding the right one. Just like how you thought you wouldn’t be able to speak a single word in front of a total stranger, but then, you were able to surpass talking to all the participants.

Speed Dating is an amazing experience; it’s a good way to put cupid’s ability to test.

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