Sovereign series trampolines Ref: TP

All TP Sovereign series trampolines are guaranteed against rust causing failure on their sturdy 2mm gauge galvanised steel frames.

The top rails of each trampoline frame are specially shaped to deliver an improved interlocking fit. This prevents twisting of the frame and results in a uniform bounce.

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Not all trampoline pads are the same!

The Sovereign pads are now made from 100% closed cell Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) foam.
This new specification provides a high density single layer foam pad rather than the standard, cheaper, cross-layered and glued Polyethylene foam altenatives.

This single structure foam pad offers superb shock absorbtion qualities where layered alternatives may separate and get thinner in time. Also as a closed cell foam it will not absorb water so maintaining its excellent cushioning qualities whatever the weather.

Encased in 18oz Rubber/Pvc covers and fixed by 16 wind resistant toggles.

The weatherproof jumping mat has a soft surface, UV stabilised, polypropylene woven mesh mat, held in place by zinc coated steel springs which attach to the mat through secure ‘D’ rings.

The trampoline mat drains easily so is ideal for outside/garden use and has six rows of perimeter stitching to improve load bearing performance and ensure a long life. Discover more